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March 30, 2009



Bonded Labour

March 30, 2009

Bondage in global







Bonded labor Liberation Front Pakistan (BLLF) hold one seminar on above mentioned subject at Freedom Campus 4 Lawrence road Lahore on 28 March 2009 at 3.00 pm
On the Bondage in global Economy.

In this session the speakers mentioned below well thought full talked on the subject and in the pakistan seniro the following resolution were passed and a press release issued.

• Government of Pakistan should take appropriate measures for enforcement of bonded labor system (abolition) act 1992 / 1995, ILO- conventions 182,105, 29, and 100.
• Govt. should prepare and publish a report on out comes of National Policy & National Plan of Action year 2000 for elimination of child labor.
• Provincial Governments should direct to all its district governments for establishment and activation of District vigilance committees. Further all
the bogus or inefficient District vigilance committees should be replaced with affective ones through a proper and continuous evaluation and monitoring.
• It’s the responsibility of the state to provide hygienic housing, quality education, basic health facilities to all bonded laborers.
• All the labor laws should be applicable on informal sector labor. Further informal sector labor should be entertained and benefited from social security services.
• Punjab bait ul mall should support and facilitate bonded laborers on priority bases.
• Statutory revision of minimum wages award is demanded immediately and all delays or tactics are condemned. It is demanded that the wages rate should be linked up with increase in patrol rates.
• Government should conduct a nation wide survey of bonded laborers. Informal sector workers, domestic workers should be registered in union council office. Employers should legally bond to inform to UC office at the time of employing or expelling to a worker.
• Government should take immediate action to issue national identity cards to bonded laborers. They must be facilitated in this concern.
• We condemn the fake FIRs and bogus cases against bonded laborers as a tool to keep them in bondage. Law enforcement agencies should consider this factor while dealing with such cases.
• An immediate action is demanded to control the forcefully sell of kidneys of bonded laborers just to get back debt money.

• Punjab government must restore labour inspection in the all kind of industries  to comply with the constitution and labour laws.

We will continue our peaceful struggle with commitment and dedication until and unless we could achieve the goal of exploitation free economy with a standard labor market.

The other speakers of the event were as followed.

1.      Mahar Safdar Ali                    General secretary Anjuman Asiaye Awam

2.      Muhammad Akbar                  Organizing Secretary MLF

3.      Muhammad Yaqoob               Chairman Pakistan workers confederation

4.      Chaudhery Naeem Shaker      Deputy Secretary National workers party 

5.      Rana Latafat Ali                     President Passco staff union


Syeda Ghulam Fatima

Secretary General

Bonded labour liberation front Pakistan

worker of BLLF in Rlly

worker of BLLF in Rlly

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March 29, 2009

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